Mounting Sleipnir (English Edition) por Michael Denney

Titulo del libro : Mounting Sleipnir (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 11, 2013
Autor : Michael Denney
Número de páginas : 153

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Mounting Sleipnir (English Edition) por Michael Denney

Michael Denney con Mounting Sleipnir (English Edition)

"The Germanic names for Indo-European deities seem to reflect an older, more primal version of Indo-European polytheist animism which perhaps reflects the older more “shamanic” version of the original Indo-European religion..."

50,000 years ago, the first modern humans began migrating out of Africa into the Northern hemisphere. Among those first humans was a tribal group we call the "proto Indo-Europeans." These Indo-European tribes eventually settled throughout Europe as well as parts of Asia and the Middle East. They brought with them their unique language, culture and religion.

During the 40,000 years of Ice Ages, many of these tribes became isolated from each other and slowly, their languages, ethnicities and religions began to adapt to their respective areas and climates. While all of the Indo-European peoples shared common similarities, two of these cultures, the Germanic and Vedic tribes, retained a close similarity in terms of language and religion.

In this book, "Mounting Sleipnir," author Michael William Denney examines the underlying polytheist root religion of the Germanic tribes by uncovering and comparing the linguistic connections of the names of deities in both the Vedic and Germanic religions.

In this book you will learn the linguistic connections to the deities: Thor/Indra, Buri/Brahma, Freyja/Prajaapati, Ing/Agni, Ymir/Yama, Tyr/Dyeus Pita and more… This book also examines the indigenous Germanic deities: Odin,Villi, Ve, Loki and Surt, You will also learn the pre-Christian understanding of Dwarves, Elves, Wights (Nature Spirits), Norns, Thurses, Giants, Valkyries and the mythical horse, Sleipnir.