Perlas de Sabiduría por Dadi Janki

Titulo del libro : Perlas de Sabiduría
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 1, 2010
Autor : Dadi Janki
Número de páginas : 200
Editor : HCI Espanol

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Perlas de Sabiduría por Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki con Perlas de Sabiduría

Unlike other spiritually oriented texts that describe abstruse principles, this book offers easily accessible concepts that all readers will be able to readily understand and apply to their own daily experiences, such as "God sees only the best in us. Having mercy on yourself means to be true to God's vision of that perfection."

Each inspiring thought is set on its own page for easy reading, helping the reader derive the most meaning and enjoyment from it. Page after page, these timeless words will offer all readers support, inspiration and comfort in our fast-paced and all-too-often harsh world. Pearls of Wisdom is sure to become a cherished guide and companion.