Spanish To English Translation Dictionary por Clea Translations

Titulo del libro : Spanish To English Translation Dictionary
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 9, 2011
Autor : Clea Translations

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Spanish To English Translation Dictionary por Clea Translations

Clea Translations con Spanish To English Translation Dictionary

Spanish To English Translation Dictionary.

You can set this dictionary as your default Kindle dictionary and look up words while reading. The default setting is The New Oxford American Dictionary included on your Kindle, but you have the option to change your default setting to this compatible dictionary after purchase.

Download the dictionary and follow the steps listed below:
•Press Menu
•Select Settings
•Press Menu again
•Select Change Primary Dictionary
•Select your new dictionary
You may need to restart your kindle after selecting the new dictionary.

Looking for a word translation from Spanish to English?
Just do a search on your kindle or computer and this ebook translates the words.

This Spanish to English translation dictionary ebook has 99,901 dictionary words, both in US and UK english. It is helpful for reading and learning Spanish or English, good for students, traveling and interpretation.

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