Wilt: (Wilt Series 1) (English Edition) por Tom Sharpe

Titulo del libro : Wilt: (Wilt Series 1) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 26, 2011
Autor : Tom Sharpe
Número de páginas : 340
Editor : Cornerstone Digital

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Wilt: (Wilt Series 1) (English Edition) por Tom Sharpe

Tom Sharpe con Wilt: (Wilt Series 1) (English Edition)

Henry Wilt, tied to a daft job and a domineering wife, has just been passed over for promotion yet again. Ahead of him at the Polytechnic stretch years of trying to thump literature into the heads of plasterers, joiners, butchers and the like. And things are no better at home where his massive wife, Eva, is given to boundless and unpredictable fits of enthusiasm - for transcendental meditation, yoga or the trampoline.

But if Wilt can do nothing about his job, he realises he can do something about his wife - and as each day passes, his fantasies grow more murderous and more real.