National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography por Tim Fitzharris

Titulo del libro : National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography
Autor : Tim Fitzharris
ISBN : 1554079934

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National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography por Tim Fitzharris

Tim Fitzharris con National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography

Photographers around the world admire Tim Fitzharris for his creative eye and technical expertise. His readers have purchased nearly 200,000 copies of his photography guides. This updated edition of the classic guide has 30 new pages with new photographs and Tim's expert guidance on such topics as setting white balance, sharpness, LCD monitors, and the digital workflow. Tim gives step-by-step instructions and uses pictograms and before-and-after comparisons to provide a complete course in capturing a landscape's natural beauty. He reveals the foolproof techniques he has developed over decades of fieldwork in a wide variety of settings. Outstanding examples of his photography highlight detailed information on the equipment, exposure, film, shutter speed and filters used.Topics include: The best equipment and how to use it; Detailed field techniques for a wide variety of natural settings; Using filters; Fine art composition, simplified and diagrammed; A step-by-step guide to recognizing and finding great scenic shooting sites; Getting a correct exposure every time; Recording mirror-like reflections in lakes and shooting postcardperfect sunrises and sunsets; Creating high-quality panorama images. Filled with personal tips and strategies gained from decades of experience, this outstanding guide includes all that is required for taking professional-calibre photographs of great landscapes.

[Review of previous edition: ] A valuable reference... stunning photographs.... Beginners to pros can benefit from this opportunity to look through [Fitzharris's] lens.

[Review of previous edition: ] If you are looking for a book that covers almost all facets of landscape photography, you should take a close look at Landscape Photography by Tim Fitzharris... The book has awe-inspiring images on almost every page, which is a good reason alone to by the book, but the information offered is some of the best I have read... The real strength of the book is the fourth part, where Mr. Fitzharris' writing shines. He covers most all of the usual situations where landscape images are captured and describes what to look for and how to capture beautiful images... His ideas and suggestions are all very good. The best reason to buy this book is the images that Fitzharris includes to demonstrate his vision, ideas, and suggestions. Looking at the images will improve your photography... [This] is a book that should be on a photographer's bookshelf if they are interested in landscape photography and even nature photography in general. [Review of previous edition: ] Crammed with insightful tips on creating landscape pictures, written in a straightforward style with minimal jargon, the book also showcases more than 100 of Fitzharris's eye-catching landscape photographs, complete with informative captions about how the images were made.

[Review of earlier edition: ] Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned photographer, or simply a scenery bug, this new offering ... packs a mighty bang for your buck. It is almost a landscape photography workshop in book form, illustrated by the kind of views ... that make you suck in your breath in wonder (and, yes, envy) as you turn each page.--Joy McDonell"Canadian Camera" (07/01/2007)

[Review of previous edition: ] A glowing tribute to the beauty of North America.--Joy McDonnell, Editor-in-Chief"Canadian Camera" (07/01/2007)

[Review of previous edition: ] [Fitzharris's] advice on such topics as field techniques, fine-art composition, and the best equipment to use is invaluable. This highly accomplished and useful guide is an inspiring improvement over more basic volumes like Michelle Perkins's Digital Landscape Photography: Step-by-Step. Recommended.--Daniel Lombardo"Library Journal" (11/15/2007)

If what you're looking for is inspiration, the latest incarnation of National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography is filled to bursting. Photographer Tim Fitzharris' images are gorgeous, color saturated and calendar-ready. But the book is supposed to be a guide to shooting landscapes. And on this count it succeeds... Picking up the book would be worthwhile if all you did was look at the mass of incredible images, but the easy-to-digest instructions make it a valuable resource for people ready to step up their landscape photography game.--John Sykes Jr."Arkansas Democrat-Gazette" (03/26/2012)

Anyone with a desire to improve their nature photos will find both solid advice and inspiration in this book.--Terry Peters"North Shore News" (06/01/2012)

This guide is an essential tool.... Building on the experience gained over several decades, the photographer shares his tricks and strategies.--Ginette Lapointe"Photo News" (06/01/2012)

Tim Fitzharris is a critically acclaimed photographer known for his regular column in Popular Photography magazine. He is the author of 30 books, including National Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography, Close-up Photography in Nature, Rocky Mountains: Wilderness Reflections and Big Sky: Wild West Panorama.